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released June 24, 2014



all rights reserved


Prank Records San Francisco, California

Hardcore Punk since 1995.

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Track Name: TRUST
Do you feel cold? I can keep you warm. I can smother you and you'll feel colder when I'm gone.
I won't let you down as long as you're always building me up.
Have a friend. Don't be alone. Follow my deception to no end.
I need you to rely on only me.
Do you-do you think you can trust me?
How can I be weaker than you?
Your footfalls are my own steps.
Your life is mine to fuck.
Now the veil's drawn.
See if you can trust me.
Scorched with facts that aren't true
Only meant to hurt each other
Can't just pick the battles where the lesson really counts for something
Point the crooked finger
Start the mob
Hide behind the pack
If there's truth it's lost when leaders turn their backs -leave others bearing
pitchforks & torches. Pitchfork & torches.
Time on one's hands when the simple truth ain't enough
Have it if you want but keep the fuck away from me with your games
Pitchforks. Torches. Pitchforks. Torches.
You must learn; spreading fire won't help to light the way.
I work and slave to earn my keep, but can't keep all that work should gain.
Forced to be a person who's existence is void.
Forced to work for nothing gained.
I ask to be a fucking person in this world. I ask to have a name.
Man can only push so far to reach their peak
Before you see it rolling from your hands
Chained to the facts of life, dare I exclaim
That I deserve what I see as best
Back to the bottom as life pulls you to the end.
A face that toils so close to stone
Is already becoming stone itself.
Back to the bottom as life pulls you to the end.
Imagine Sisyphus.
Track Name: NIGHT LIFE
Watch the failing fashions seep into the streets at night
Looking for the right drugs to take the purpose from our lives
Honing on our good looks
Careful not to wreck our faces
Honing on our good looks
We spend them all in one place -the nightlife
Forget you enemies
Forget your friends
Let apathy lead you where the party never ends
Never sleep
Never wake up
Never sleep and you'll never wake up
Nightlife. Nightlife.
You have a choice. The 'right' you will not choose.
And it feels like you're living, but living you will lose.
Nightlife. Nightlife.
Track Name: BECKY'S RITE
Start your daily mantra; 'you are whole'
So many missing pieces
Where they fell off you still don't know
Drink yourself to sleep so your conscience never finds you
You never move ahead because you don't know what's behind you
Don't wait for it to come to you
Start your meditation; you still think you're whole
You're still incomplete and as to why you still don't fucking know
Smoke a pack and hope the answer comes before you die
You haven't found yourself and still you wonder why
Don't wait for it to come to you
Becky's rite
It's not too late to try again
It's not too late to try again
It's not too late to try again
It's not too late to try again
Track Name: BEAST
You claim to be cast from stone
But you are human after all
Better yet, a beast in Mind
Straying farther from mankind


Beast mode

A depiction of grotesque rumination
Hidden by a seamless guise
You looked upon your own world with ravenously sadistic eyes


Beast mode